So each day it just seems that Dtox’s dream just grows bigger and bigger…not that we are complaining or anything.

So the game plan for next week is to get proposals out positivity in. We have grand plans for music junkies, film lovers and even the thinkers.

And here’s a lil’ something to spread that childhood joy and hope of one day growing up and doing something grand. Click HERE and have a lil fun!

Making momma proud, one dream at a time!

Dtox Sundaes is a brand that aims to become synonymous with well designed events and reshaping ideas of social and physical spaces. 

It is a break away from the norm but still remaining fresh, vibrant, relevant and attractive to audiences. It is a more mature and style-oriented escape from mundane life. 

A Dtox event is more about the entire experience than just showcasing of an artist or an idea. We take a holistic view of every event from the space we use to music and food. The brand is about innovative, brand new ideas that play with the infinite possibilities that life in this time presents.