With alternative urban culture and lifestyle’s growing appeal to mainstream population, an explosion of creative energies is redefining the standards of hip and cool for the youth. Since the early 2000s, a number of urban youth culture initiatives have been mushrooming around South African townships.

From Jozi’s CBD to the Cape Flats, Gugulethu to Soweto, Vosloorus and Sebokeng, to Kwa-Mashu and Joza, chill sessions in public spaces like parks and municipal halls have become the hottest form of alternative entertainment.

It is in such places where the hippest of our urban youth population continues to set trends that influence a whole generation of youth. These spaces and the market they attract present vast untapped opportunities for brands to make themselves relevant to the streams of movers and shakers who occupy such spaces. Dtox Sundaes is one such initiative session that has taken Jozi by storm.

What is Dtox Sundaes

Dtox Sundaes is more than just a series of monthly Nu-Jazz sessions that showcase urban youth lifestyle through alternative music, fashion, food and film. It is a movement comprising of young people who use arts and culture as a tool of celebrating life whilst changing the landscape of youth urban culture. It’s a cultural movement that dares the youth to dream and challenges them to turn it into a reality.

Dtox Sundaes as a brand has become synonymous with well-designed events and reshaping ideas of social and physical spaces. The brand is about innovative, brand new ideas that play with the infinite possibilities that life in this time presents. It is where music, laser beams and film create a fun-filled experience notorious of attracting the coolest for cool young urban Joburgers.

Through creative low-key marketing systems, the sessions have attracted youth from different races of the country for over two years when the sessions were held in Berlin, a pub located in Melville’s 7th street. It was only until recently that the sessions were moved to the newly developed Arts On Main, a spot that attract movers and shakers in the creative industries. The continually growing popularity of these sessions can be attributed to Dtox Sundaes’ unique presentation of fun.

It is only at Dtox Sundaes where patriots are guaranteed a cocktail of festivities served by different artists who make the sessions happen. From the resident DJs, live bands and underground artists who play different genres of alternative cool music, the artists that take part in Dtox Sundaes are known to give the audience an exciting experience that keeps people coming back.

Against a backdrop of colourful audio visual presentations, hip hop, afro beat, nu-jazz, classic soul, dub and funk are the genres of music synonymous with Dtox Sundaes. Dtox Sundaes also provides a relaxed networking outlet for young entrepreneurs and professionals within creative industries.

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  1. Tshepo Ol'skool Says:

    Need me a D-tox T-shirt-size=large, colour=white, print=black

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