I love this social network revolution (oh by the way, apparently the movie The Social Network is a definite must see, for all you Facebook addicts out there – but back to the matter at hand). Yeah so like I was saying, social media is on point. If there is something uber cool to be found, you are sure to hear about it first on Twitter or Facebook (or any one of the million sites).

Now I recently stumbled across this video that I had to share and seeing that the song itself is just so seminal and phenomenal, I figured we could play around with it a bit.

So there is no debate or two ways about it, Nina Simone is a legend! No wonder she’s known to some as The High Priestess of Soul. Now one of her better known tracks has got to be Four Women where the narrative of black women at the time (1966) told in a way that only Nina Simone could pull off.

In steps Talib Kweli. Now my thing with remixes or covers is that I really hate it when artists don’t own the track and make it there own. Now Talib took this song, internalised it and breathed a new energy into it. If years from now my kids heard his version of the track and thought it was the original, I really wouldn’t be all that touched. Ofcourse I would have to school them with Nina Simone’s version but I think, this is a remix our generation can really be proud of.

Now, while procrastinating on Facebook the other day, I found this video and was madd impressed when Jill Scott, Ledisi, Marsha Ambrosius and Kelly Price brought the house down at the “Black Girls Rock!” Awards show as they musically embodied “Aunt Sarah,” “Safronia,” “Sweet Thing” and “Peaches.” I really wish I could have seen it live coz it looks like a memorable and note worthy performance.

You dig? Tell us what you think of it.